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Welcome to Just Innovate! We are an initiative that is

Inspiring & creating social innovators

A non-profit experiential learning initiative based in Geneva, Switzerland

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Just Innovate is a non-profit educational initiative whose mission is
to inspire and facilitate the creation of social innovations
within student communities and beyond.

While working to create practical solutions for contemporary global challenges in a group-setting participants will imbibe learning through doing.

Carefully crafted workshop sessions along with seasoned mentors  facilitating requisite skill-set to effectively design and present their project.

While working to create practical solutions for contemporary global challenges in a group-setting participants will imbibe learning through doing.

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C4SI, the flagship program of Just Innovate, brings together Graduate students from diverse disciplines across Geneva to collaborate and co-create through experiential learning methods.

Founded in 2012 by students at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID),  Just Innovate is a team of young professionals and students from across the world, who believe passionately in the power of communities to generate innovative solutions using human-centred design approaches to problem-solving. Working with the motto to Connect, Inspire and Learn, Just Innovate follows design thinking methods to provide a range of educational workshops to foster social innovation and effective problem solving.

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Leverage opportunities to enable social innovation in defining solutions to real-world problems through design thinking…

The teaching process is based on the Design-Thinking methodology and its principles, to build up a new comprehension of problems and out-of-the-box ideas. This approach proposes non-linear and iterative steps, including emphatizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing, allowing students to improve their proposals continuously. As a result, the participants not only have a deep understanding of their challenges, but also refine their skills to address changes.

C4SI is organized and held every year through the partnership and support rendered by its
key supporters who make it possible for the executive team to design and tailor the experiences.
C4SI’s main partners include the Just Innovate Foundation, The Canton of Geneva and The Geneva Graduate Institute.


Meet the dynamic team and Executive board of C4SI

Every year, a new dynamic and qualified team of students from the Geneva Graduate Institute and
the University of Geneva are selected through a rigorous selection process to deliver the next edition of C4SI Programs.
This executive board works around the clock to deliver engaging experiences for the upcoming cohorts that
reflect the values and aims at Just Innovate Foundation


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Just Innovate is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Geneva, Switzerland. 


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