2017 Program


International Trade Center

Challengeitc: How can we use digital trade, especially in services, to connect refugees living in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya to markets (national, regional, international) in order to create livelihood opportunities?


Forge a formal partnership with existing e-service freelance platforms to work with on-the-ground NGOs in order to connect skilled refugees to an international market customer base.

International Committee of the Red Cross

Challenge: To create a reliable volunteer system that effectively ICRC logo screens technologies in the market in specific areas of humanitarian action


Establish a scanning database to connect the innovation unit at ICRC with student volunteers through an online platform.

Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund


Challenge: What is an innovative approach for national and community-focused organisations in Bangladesh to enhance the resilience to recruitment and radicalisation to violent extremism of youth affected by external shocks to their communities, such as the current influx of refugees from Myanmar?


The Caravan of Hope, made up of 3 components: a multifaceted ‘Empathy’ booth, a caravan which would travel around Cox’s Bazaar district, and youth workers known as ‘Embracers.’‘Embracers.’ This is meant to create a space which will allow youth to interact with each other, participate in group discussions and support meetings (group therapy) facilitated by the local NGOs, view the exhibits and interact with the youth guest speakers and creators of the artwork.

Geneva Centre for Security Policy


Challenge: How can we prevent and mitigate the development and use of autonomous weapon (killer robots) so as to maintain international peace and stability?


Use Mind-Machine Interface (MMI) to mitigate the use of autonomous weapons systems.

United Nations Environment Programme

UNEnvironment_Logo_English_Short_colourChallenge: How can UN Environment most effectively empower small and medium-sized enterprises that are champions of environmental sustainability to contribute to the transition to a green economy?


The Go Green Dialogue - a web platform used to collect the concerns and issue areas from SMEs, which are then addressed in bi-annual meetings with country government officials, SME representatives and other stakeholders.

Project Integration

PI logoChallenge: How to increase participation of women refugees and asylum seekers to our intensive IT courses?


An app to map all the NGOs and community-based organizations (CBOs) in Geneva.


norrag logo

Challenge: Blockchains meet SDGs: Can we create a network-based solution to leverage the education and development data universe for all development actors?


EduLink - a platform that consolidates data, filters it efficiently, and allows for validation through a quantitative and qualitative peer review mechanism. The platform includes a messaging system, a review and comment system for data, and the ability for members to create or join research interest groups.


oneaction logoChallenge: In the current context of incubators and accelerators in Geneva, how can OneAction, through a structured and self-sufficient platform, accompany individuals or groups who have a project
idea looking to act for a more sustainable world in the successful realization of their project?


LeanOn, a networking application that is a dynamic tool for people with great ideas or projects that need a boost of support or advice to come together.

Global Development

Cgd logohallenge: Design a new global collaborative initiative to engage and support young people to shape and monitor progress on health and the SDGs, and transform our world.


An e-registration process that makes use of existing health centers, local hospitals, and frequently visited community locations. As part of the registration process, we will include a survey component to collect the top 3 development priorities from the point of view of the person being registered.

2017 Program