The Graduate Institute is an institution of research and higher education (Master and PhD). Selective and cosmopolitan, it is located in the heart of International Geneva and specialises in the study of the major global, international and transnational challenges facing the contemporary world. It also offers professional development programmes and expertise to international actors from the public, private and non-profit sectors.

The International Trade Centre is the joint development agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. It is fully dedicated to supporting the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Impact Hub Geneva is located in the heart of the city of Geneva. Part social innovation lab and part incubator learning community, Impact Hub Geneva is part of a rapidly expanding global network of Impact Hubs from São Paolo to San Francisco.

Seedspace  is a learning, working and living environment empowering tech entrepreneurs to tackle the complex challenges our world is facing. By joining forces with selected coworking hubs across emerging markets, we are building a human-centric, highly collaborative environment across spatial, temporal and cultural boundaries, supporting human collaboration and innovation. Pursuing our vision to impact people's lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship, we continue to expand our network of physical spaces. 

The International Geneva Bureau forms part of the State of Geneva's efforts to support and promote international Geneva. These efforts focus particularly on the following issues: Real estate (land, buildings, offices, conference rooms), Supporting NGOs, Safety, Welcoming newcomers, Promoting partnerships, Communication.

Flux Laboratory was founded in 2003 in collaboration with Fluxum Foundation. Based in Geneva, Zurich and Athens, is an experimental, multidisciplinary space which nurtures creative work and reflection through encounters with the world of dance, art, philosophy, music, technology, media and businesses.



Avina Stiftung was founded in 1994 by Dr. Stephan Schmidheiny. Stephan continued his family tradition in his own special way. In addition to his economic activities, Stephan has also always closely accompanied political, social and cultural developments. Besides Avina Stiftung, Stephan created the foudnation Alexander Schimdheiny Stiftung which is also active in Switzerland. His foudnations Fundes, Fundación Avina and MarViva are active in Latin America. 

The Mercartor Foundation Switzerland supports projects in the fields of education, communication, participation and environment. The Foundation is committed to empowering youth-run projects aimed at creating a more equal and just society. 



Impact Track aims to increase the flow of social investments backed by tangible social impact. We believe that impact data can support social entrepreneurs to get access to funds and scale up their initiatives. In order to do so, the platform provides tools to entrepreneurs to plan and communicate their social outcomes transparently.

Hatch CoLab supercharges through unparalleled network, unfair advantages and a dedicated impact program with no equity stake tailored  to meet the needs of individual entrepreneurs, whom we call Hatchers.